Put an End to Bad Reviews with Online Professional Management Services

Negative reviews can damage your business. Responding positively generates trust.


PPR helps you transform your online
reviews into a marketing advantage

Word-of-mouth has always been a powerful marketing asset. Online reviews amplify these key customer voices, so information about your business now spreads faster and wider than before.

That’s good news for your sales and reputation if the reviews are positive — but what if customers say bad things about you?


of potential customers avoid
businesses with bad reviews.


That’s why it’s in your interest to
take action to protect your reputation.

Responding to reviews allows you to speak directly to prospects
at the very moment they are deciding whether to buy from you.

Trust us to take care of your reputation
so you can get on with running your business.

Why online reviews
matter so much
for your business


Marketing your business begins with speaking to your customers, and review sites are where they gather in ever growing numbers. If you want to reach out to them and persuade them to head your way, here’s the best place to start.


Running advertisements and promotions can be hit or miss. The advantage of review sites lies in how effectively they deliver an interested audience to your door. Better still, considerably more people read these reviews than write them, so your audience is likely huge.


When you fail to manage your online
reputation, you miss a valuable opportunity
to connect with new prospects.


PRR helps you take control of your
Online Reputation

We’ll help you strengthen your profile on all the key review sites so you can win back customers, reach out to more prospects, and enhance your reputation.


Active Profile

Bad reviews wreak havoc on sales and reputation because disgruntled customers can say whatever they like. This sends a powerful message to future prospects to shop elsewhere.
PRR’s active profile monitoring gives you an eagle eye over your online presence so you can take control of how you’re seen by your customers.


Personal Review

We write custom responses to every review posted on your business profile. Our extraordinarily fast response times show your wider audience you are committed to excellent customer service, and that attracts new prospects your way. Here’s a credible step you can take right now to protect and grow your business.


Harmful Review

We believe in fair play, and we have the expertise to identify when an online review crosses the line. We advocate on your behalf to compel sites to remove fake or inappropriate reviews from your business profile. With the bad guys off your back, your reviews are yours to transform into a positive dialog with customers to help you boost sales.

Let us handle your review
profiles so you can
focus on your business

Saying the right thing about your business has never been more important. But your website, brochures, emails, and other marketing efforts are only half of the story because 88% of online shoppers now trust reviews to help them make key purchasing decisions.


Running a successful business takes time and resources, and unavoidable demands may leave you short on both counts.


If writing does not come naturally to you, written tasks can seem daunting and demanding — especially when your response might be read by thousands of people.


Every business needs to attract new customers and increase revenue - but traditional marketing is no longer enough.
PRR provides a professional reputation management service that engages with prospects at the moment they are deciding whether or not to buy from you.


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review responses work for you

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My name is David Bekhour, and I am passionate about taking the skills I learned for the courtroom and applying them to strengthen your business reputation. Trained to be persuasive with the written word, you can feel absolutely confident that I have the intellect, talent, and integrity to oversee your review profiles. My particular expertise lies in resolving complaints, ensuring fair play, and representing the best interests of my clients. Along with my team, I’ll help you transform your reviews into a valuable marketing asset.


David Bekhour, Esq.
CEO & Founder
Professional Review Response

What our customers are saying:

Positive praise from the people
who trust us with their business

Very reasonable fees compared to other review removal services out there. They provide fast response times and are very easy to work with.

- Kelly R.

The last thing I needed was another dashboard to manage. It was such a relief to hand over the reins to my online reviews and know they were in the best hands possible. Our brand’s voice is perfectly articulated, and I know we’re attracting more customers because of their work.

- Michael L.

Professional Review Response has been a fantastic addition to our marketing efforts. I love that each of our online reviews has a personal response and all of our competitors have none!

- Andrew T.

Our medical group can connect with patients before they ever walk in the door thanks to Professional Review Response. It’s another factor that helps us build trust and strengthen our online reputation.

- Katy D.

Finally, a service that is reliable, personable, and honest! I can’t think of any aspect of my business that is more important than our online reviews. We have experienced a rise in our Yelp rating and more overall reviews. Very satisfied!

- Ben K.

Take the next step to protect
and grow your business

You have invested too much time and money in your business to leave your reputation in the hands of random customers.

Professional reputation management allows your customers to experience genuine connections, and genuine connections lead to successful business relationships.

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