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A single bad review can hurt you.
A trail of bad reviews can break you.

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Why taking control of
your online reviews
pays dividends for your business

More than ever before, we make buying decisions as a direct result of online customer feedback. That’s why a staggering 88% of online shoppers trust reviews to help them make key purchasing decisions. If your business has been hit with bad reviews, plenty of your prospects will see them. Let there be no doubt: negative reviews pose a threat to the success of your business.


Negative reviews damage your reputation, diminish your profits, and send a strong signal to future buyers to BEWARE.


PRR’s reputation management services set the record straight by managing your online profiles on all the key review sites.


Why negative reviews can drain the life out of your business


How much profit did you lose last year because customers were turned off by negative reviews? Sadly, this is a balance sheet you will never see.

But here’s a figure that might interest you. It may just save your business.


of potential customers avoid
businesses with bad reviews.

Every bad review actively drains money away from your business — and the longer these poisonous comments remain in the spotlight the more harm they do. That’s important when you consider how rapidly reviews pop up online. A trail of bad reviews instantly diminishes trust and sends potential buyers on a golden path to your competitors.

Remember: customers are not required to shop with you, and bad reviews help them decide to spend their cash elsewhere.

The damage won’t stop until you take action

The good news is...

You can’t always prevent the complaints, but you have 100% choice and control over how to respond.

PPR takes active steps to:


Restore your reputation so you regain customer trust.


Raise your profile ratings and attract more prospects.


Recover lost business because of bad reviews.


Restore your reputation so you regain customer trust.


Raise your profile ratings and attract more prospects.


Recover lost business because of bad reviews.

PRR Turns Your Negative Reviews into a Positive Marketing Asset.

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How PRR Takes Control Of Your Online Reputation

Regain Customer Trust &
Inspire Client Confidence

You may be thinking the solution to harmful online reviews lies in shooting every last one from the sky. But a better option exists — and it has the added advantage of helping you to actively promote your business.


With our professional input, your online reviews offer you a powerful marketing tool for managing your business image. Left to the wolves, anything goes. So ... who is in charge of your online reputation?


Our customized reputation management services give you three effective strategies to win back disgruntled customers and show future prospects you’re serious about keeping them happy.


Active Profile Monitoring

The world of online reviews can seem like the Wild West where anything goes. We’ll be your sheriff in town and keep an eagle eye over all your profiles.


Don’t pay much attention to your online reviews? You can be assured that your prospects are scrutinizing them daily. Left unattended, your bad reviews wreak havoc because disgruntled customers can say whatever they like. Active Profile Monitoring allows PRR to be vigilant on your behalf. This presents you with a valuable opportunity to foster positive customer experiences, speak directly to prospects, and examine negative reviews for removal. These benefits start from the moment you put PRR in control of your online review profiles. Don’t leave prospects wondering ... will I end up this dissatisfied, too? And if I complain, will they simply ignore me? Show strength by inviting PRR to monitor your profiles seven days a week, 365 days a year. We’ll never miss an opportunity to bolster the positive and diminish the negative.


Personal Review Response Service

Tailored responses to every online review, acknowledging the individual and their experience.


Would you be interested to know that review responses lead to fewer online complaints? This happens because consumers view such proactive dialogue as a positive response. This is the big gain that lies behind each individual response you make. Satisfying one unhappy customer sends a positive signal to everyone checking to see if they should buy from you. When you show that you care about your customers and take active steps to address their concerns, you send a positive signal to every single person checking your reviews. Equally important, responding to negative reviews allows you to provide clarity and reassurance, dispute inaccuracies, and discourage baseless accusations.


Removal of Harmful Reviews

Delete the worst offenders so you can put the rest of your reviewers to work for you.


Sometimes, your only solution is to remove fake, abusive, or improper reviews. Have you been victimized by a troll or a hater who you won’t ever satisfy? The good news is that their rage is your secret weapon. Each review site maintains strict usage policies, and we leverage those standards to ensure a fair playing field for you to operate your business. This means strings of abusive words can be taken down. You can trust us to weed out the bad guys whenever they appear.


Keeping your customers happy is vital, but priming your audience to expect only excellence pays the best kind of dividends.


The care you devote to addressing individual problems will not go unnoticed by buyers who seek you out in the future.


Ultimately, your positive and negative reviews become an economic benefit to you because they help you secure new customers.
You’re back in CONTROL

Is taking control of your online reviews worth your time and money?

Here’s the evidence...


sounds great

Many star rating systems use complex metrics to produce an approximate figure. So 4.74 rounds down to 4.5 and 4.76 rounds up to the full 5 Star. Studies show that responses to online feedback generate 12% more reviews and tip the balance in favor of higher stars.


sounds even


of travellers believe managerial responses to online reviews are important


The positive effect of responses to negative reviews is typically higher on prospects than the original poster. For every individual reviewer you satisfy, you reach out and actively influence countless potential new buyers.


of consumers choosing local businesses CARE MOST about STAR RATINGS

For local business consumers,


of consumers will consider buying from you if you have fewer than 4 stars. 12% won't touch you if you're not 5-star.

In a recent hotel industry survey,
an overwhelming


of respondents said an appropriate response to a bad review improved their impression of the venue.


Only 1 in 3 businesses respond to online reviews — and their strategy is often patchy.

This means 66% of businesses do NOTHING. If your competitors fall into this majority group, here's an instant advantage you can gain.

Bad reviews don’t have to hurt you. When they’re handled professionally, they can help you.

PRR Handles Everything For You So You’re Free To Give
100% to Your Business

Setting the record straight takes time — and it’s a key reason why so many businesses fail to act on harmful reviews. Professional Review Response covers all your bases, from nurturing prospects to purging the worst of the damage. This way, your schedule won’t take a hit because PRR does all the work for you.

Here are three other important considerations when thinking about reviews:

"Where do I start?”

It’s not always easy to tell which complaints are worth your time and which will fan the flames further.

PRR quickly analyzes every situation and uses appropriate and compelling language for your benefit. We spot what’s needed... then we get to work and clean up your reviews.

“Writing is not my area.”

Every business demands skills and expertise — but writing might not be one of yours. This makes responding tricky or tedious, and saying the wrong thing can easily backfire.

PRR provides a professional writing service, so you’re in safe hands.

“I’ll show this clown!”

It’s natural to react to abuse with an emotional response, but this rarely fosters trust or goodwill. The last thing you need is a hot-headed reaction that drives even more prospects away.

PRR is objective, so however loud people shout, we’ll keep our cool, play by the rules, and make things right for you.

PRR provides a personal, hands-on profile management service
to repair your online reputation
and put your business back in the driver’s seat.


Review sites want honest accounts of real experiences, and their credibility suffers whenever abuse arises. They appreciate businesses who take care of the comments on their platform, so every response needs careful handling.


When the circumstances demand it, we have the expertise to advocate for the removal of negative reviews that violate the platform’s terms of service. We communicate with the site to compel them to remove improper reviews.

A personal assurance
from our founder

“As an attorney, I am driven by a sense of fairness and justice. So you can trust me to deal professionally with every negative reviewer who comes your way. This means addressing the genuine concerns of customers who feel let down and advocating for fairness from review site administrators. In exceptional cases, ruthless competitors may actively troll your business. If they’re prepared to send in the troops, then it’s time to defend yourself. Rest assured, you won’t be exposed to liability, whether PRR nurtures unhappy customers or pulls the plug on the worst offenders.”


David Bekhour, Esq.
CEO & Founder
Professional Review Response

Like every business, our customers
are eager to have their say.

Here's what they tell us:

Very reasonable fees compared to other review removal services out there. They provide fast response times and are very easy to work with.

- Kelly R.

The last thing I needed was another dashboard to manage. It was such a relief to hand over the reins to my online reviews and know they were in the best hands possible. Our brand’s voice is perfectly articulated, and I know we’re attracting more customers because of their work.

- Michael L.

Professional Review Response has been a fantastic addition to our marketing efforts. I love that each of our online reviews has a personal response and all of our competitors have none!

- Andrew T.

Our medical group can connect with patients before they ever walk in the door thanks to Professional Review Response. It’s another factor that helps us build trust and strengthen our online reputation.

- Katy D.

Finally, a service that is reliable, personable, and honest! I can’t think of any aspect of my business that is more important than our online reviews. We have experienced a rise in our Yelp rating and more overall reviews. Very satisfied!

- Ben K.

Every public customer interaction is an opportunity to satisfy complaints and communicate with prospects ready to make a purchase.

They’re already reading your reviews and making buying decisions — so it’s in your interest to represent yourself as engaged, interested, and kind.

PRR’s thorough and effective services restore your business’s reputation and send a positive signal to new prospects.

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